What you should know before buying a sex doll?


Nowadays,we are living in a world where relationships are getting complex, there are more & more people divided between the rift of finding a meaningful relationship and those who seek an adventure. For both these aspects or what people seek in companionship and eventually fail, a lot have found comfort and satisfaction by buying a sex doll.

Of course, some people even buy these sex dolls for their collection or for photography but in all cases, a doll doesn’t disappoint. So, if you are someone who is thinking about buying a love doll, here are few key pointers that will be of help:


You can purchase a sex doll for yourself for sexual adventure or companionship; for your partner, to fill a role or fulfill a fantasy: or for you and your partner to enhance your sex life. Whatever your reason, you must define them to help you decide on a doll to buy in order to guide you in choosing the appropriate doll.

If you have a partner, even if he or she won’t be using the doll with you, it’s important to talk to your partner so they can understand your needs and insure that there won’t be any surprises. Everyone is different with different sex drives, so a sex doll can help manage those differences.

However, always remember open communication is important in a successful relationship. A partner stumbling upon you using a sex doll that he or she didn’t know about is bound to create some difficulties.


The price of sex dolls varies based on the size and the quality of material used in production. Full size sex doll are usually pricier than small sized dolls and TPE sex dolls are be more costly than silicon sex doll. Therefore, you should consider your budget as the first decision you’ll make when shopping for a love doll.

If you’re just starting out and want to keep a modest budget but still have customization options, you can buy a Full size sex doll which run less expensive than regular full-sized dolls as they do not have legs.

Additionally, most sex doll manufacturers sell dolls with detachable heads. You can plan for the future by buying a doll with the intent to purchase an extra head from the same manufacturer so you can have the flexibility of a different experience without having to buy a second full-sized doll.

  • SIZE

Now that you’ve established your budget, you can use that to help guide the size of the doll you’d like to purchase.

Sex dolls come in a wide range of sizes, so you have to decide on whether you want a large, full-sized love doll or a smaller love doll. Before choosing a doll, you should keep in mind that large dolls weigh more than smaller dolls, and consider your ability to lift them easily when you need them.


Sex dolls are available in different designs, from dolls with ultra-realistic designs, to those who have exaggerated features such as extra-large eyes or very tiny waists. Additionally, features like hair and skin color or pubic hair and labia color, many dolls can be customized to your exact preferences. There’s even fantasy and sci-fi types of features such as elf ears, vampire fangs and more.


Whatever design you choose, you should also consider how easy it will be to clean it. For instance, although dolls with fixed vaginas look more realistic than those with removable vaginas, they are more laboar intensive to clean.

You also should think about how to store the sex doll as you’ll want to keep your investment safe and protected.

You’ll need to be able to store your doll either vertically or horizontally without bending the joints to insure there are no permanent creases that develop on the TPE or silicone material.

Most love dolls either come with a vertical hanging option (the head detaches enabling the body to be hung from a closet bar). Or, for horizontal storage, you can include a storage case with your purchase to provide a more controlled and discrete option to store your doll. 

  • Customization

Options are important if you want to build your own doll according to the desired look. If you just one your doll to look similar to some photos listed on our site, just let us know.

Here some the options that you could customize:

Head — Variety of heads let you choose the perfect head according to your desires, even some heads have the option of a built-in realistic tongue

Hair — Variety of wigs you can choose from

Eyes — Variety of colors to choose from

Vagina — Fixed or Removable (Removable is easy to clean but a little technical to be fixed in and pulled out)

Skin Colors — Usually four skin colors (White, Natural, Tan or African Black)

Finger Nails — Variety of options to choose from

Toe Nail Colors — Variety of colors to choose from

Nipple Colors — Usually three colors (Pink, Natural or Tan)

Vagina Colors — Usually three colors (Pink, Natural or Tan)

Pubic Hair — None or can be customized with pubic hair

Removable Tongue — Widely used by photographers

Hanging Hook — Great option to store the doll in your closet by hanging her

Standing Feet — Great option to have to let the doll stand on flat surfaces

Packing — Regular or a special flight case

  • Shipping & Handling

Usually, shipping and handing are free and CSdoll use FedEx or UPS to ship the sex dolls. In some countries, there is an import tax which is paid by the customer and most of the doll, in some countries we give you an option to prepaid import taxes and this option should be taken to speed up the delivery process.

We also give an option for the love doll to be shipped to your Local FedEx store and you can pick her up at your convenience.

Shipping is private and discreet and the box will NOT contain any labels or descriptions related to the content.

  • Look for a verified doll vendor

A sex doll should be of quality and durable. Always purchase a doll from a verified doll vendor or you will regret having a counterfeit or low-quality product. CSdoll is verified and authorized by the doll forum.

Now that you know all the important aspects that will help you make a great choice to buy a sex doll that suits specifically to your personality, it is also important to know and be aware about the enhancement & excitement that the doll will bring about in your personal life, here are few notes that will help you:

  • Dolls can replicate realistic companions

Whether for yourself or to be used with a partner, buying a good quality sex doll will cost more than a few dollars. California sex dolls aren’t just hand-crafted to be as real looking and feeling as possible, you’re also given an auditory experience too.

These dolls speak and make real sounds that respond to you, giving you more of a connection than other kinds of toys. You can choose one which personally suits your style with long or short hair, eye color, skin tone, height, and body measurements.

If you are buying a sex doll, you’re getting a companion as well as a sex toy to enjoy and spend time with.

  • Using sex dolls can encourage better emotional health

Millions of men and women have felt with the emotional stress and anxiety that abusive relationships can have. Social anxiety disorder can create a variety of problems that can interfere with everyday life. Dating is one issue that can cause a person to spiral into an attack that can consist of sweating, becoming dizzy, and vomiting. When you have a disorder, it can muss up your social life to where you may become afraid of everyday interaction, finding companionship can be difficult.

Sex dolls are more than toys for pleasure and fun, they can also give someone the safety of interacting without someone without getting sick or extremely nervous. Social anxiety no longer has to hold someone back from intimacy.

  • You don’t have to do it alone

Sex dolls can help encourage sexual experimentation with a partner and the idea of inviting others. Sex dolls have grown in popularity and finding someone who’d enjoy spending time with a doll and you can lead to a new exciting experience. You want to vet people who’ll enjoy your company (and your doll!).

Services to help you search on CSdoll.com allow you to find a safe and potential addition to share with your Dutch wife. Go Look Up gives you information such as mugshots, arrest records, and previous email addresses. Feeling safe is crucial in any relationship such as, for example, forming a triple with your robotic doll and someone else.

  • A doll Can help with stressful sexual disorders

Sexual disorders affect men and women such as erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorders, or even lack of desire in sex. Talking to a partner about your intimate issues may leave you feeling more stressed about the situation.

A sex doll can help you feel less conscious, giving you the freedom to let go without feeling ashamed. With robotic dolls, the AI is designed to be attuned to touch and desire, helping you feel more wanted and having intercourse without fear.

  • A doll can ease the effects of divorce

Fighting in a marriage can affect everyone in a household. Almost half of US couples will divorce for several reasons.

Hostile environments, for example, can have lasting impressions on their children. They may face mental and emotional problems, difficulty with school, and even repeat behavior they have seen at home.

If you are in need of companionship for physical needs, getting a sex doll can be a great option while going through the rocky road of a separation or divorce.

What we are also going to feature in this blog briefly is about what kind of doll you should avoid investing in & why:

Cheap sex dolls are just that, cheap. We would not recommend buying a cheap sex doll for the following reasons;

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Often Fakes or imitation products
  • Materials used are generally inferior and can be toxic.
  • Short “life” expectancy of the product (ie material can split)
  • Limited quality control or attention to detail
  • Dolls are often damaged in transit
  • Poor design and workmanship
  • No CE or health & safety standards certificate
  • Inexperienced and/or unknown manufacturers
  • Expensive shipping
  • Unexpected customs costs and taxes
  • You may not receive the product at all.

So what is a fake sex doll?

A fake sex doll is counterfeit or replica sex doll made with stolen designs in an unauthorized and dodgy factory with zero credentials/safety inspections/quality control.

The factories buy a genuine doll from a legitimate manufacturer and replicate it in their own factory, they steal the original manufacturer’s authentic photos and use them as bait to catch customers.

Just like you see with designer handbags that fall apart after one month that just don’t look right, this is the same thing, but with sex dolls.

We have heard horror stories of people receiving blow-up mini sex doll coated in silicone or dolls with no actual vagina or anus, now where’s the fun in that?

A little patience, a little research and a little knowledge will go a long way in making sure you don’t get scammed.

In the end

We think, now you know everything that is there to know about bring a lovely sex doll in your life.

Whatever your reason is to buy a love doll, ensure that you have done a good research.

We encourage you to make a choice of buying a love doll, may be even for just a little adventure & excitement.

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