Sex Dolls VS Sex Toys, how to choose?


In this article, I will introduce to you “Sex doll vs. sex toy, how to choose?” from another angle. The article does not simply introduce the advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls and sex toys, but explain this problem to you in a way of thinking.

Let’s start!

The whole idea of pitching the two against each other for selection is born of the thought, which is most satisfying. There is a complex layer set to understand what should drive your choice, decoding why you should choose either sex doll or sex toy to engage in self pleasure is what this blog will help you decide.


Let’s dive into the understanding of what drives the design for these products in the pleasure industry. To what I understand from researching on the internet is that manufactures of both are headed in quite the opposite direction with their idea of design. Look at the vibrators available on the internet, they look like designer items, quite elegant and have tactical designing to ensure all erogenous zones are touched during self-pleasuring, something clearly that penis cannot achieve all by itself. Sex dolls on the other hand with is designing aspect, the effort is to make it look more human like. Designers are going all out to shape it like the most perfect human body or in a lot of cases to make it look like someone, for those people who seek emotional comfort in them after loosing a loved one. Sex dolls are made more human like to also satisfy the emotional emptiness that some people have in their lives, while vibratos in all its forms and variations are being designed and created only to ensure that people can draw high level of sexual pleasure.

Now in this effort of creating connection for its clients, AI featured sex dolls are go through heavy criticism. A lot of people hold an opinion that these dolls are encouraging men to objectify women, where in men want to fulfill their sexual desires and the whole idea of ‘no consent’ further encourages this outlook to engage in sexual activities where a man wants to do everything and anything possible to satisfy himself and not understand what a woman involved will have to go through. When you get deeper into understanding why a lot of men out there spend so much money to choose to have realistic sex dolls in their lives, the whole idea of objectifying women goes out of the window because men are rather seeking emotional connection then only engaging in satisfying their sexual desires.


People who look to purchase sex toys are want to draw more from their experience, to heighten the pleasure graph with or without a companion. Mostly women in this case because most of them do not experience an orgasm until quite a later stage of their life, where as men learn quite early in their life how to have an orgasm with or without a sex aid. A sex toy is clearly not as expensive as a sex doll and has only one purpose, ‘to deepen the sexual pleasure that people fail to achieve through natural means.’ A love doll with all its advanced features, AI technology seeks to offer connection that people miss in their lives. Where people who are disappointed by how others have treated them or they find it very hard to have a relationship opt to have a sex doll, to have someone listen to them and be around when they feel lonely.

Sex toys clearly have a larger market available currently for no complex reason around them. People want to pleasure themselves and that’s period, that is why many opt to buy a sex toy that is specific to their need. Not the case with sex dolls, they I feel cater to a smaller but niche market, not just catering to people’s sexual desires but also helping them satisfy and emotional emptiness that exists due to loss of a loved one or their own personalities where it restricts them to develop or have fulfilling relationships.


If we have to look at the aspect of how satisfying the features are in a sex doll & a sex toy, sex toy has very basic features through its design that can help a man or a woman have a great orgasm. A Sex doll is quite sophisticated when we talk about its features, in terms of how it feels when you touch a sex doll, the texture of skin (artificial of course), the body it is shaped into (visually striking), In many cases and while reading different articles on the internet I have come across people who talk about how real the eyes look, how good it feels to run fingers through the hair. People do take a lot of interest in admiring the striking visual features a sex doll has and of course in many cases it is also built to specifications. Most importantly the voice, with the advancement in technology and AI concepts, people find it extremely satisfying to hear the doll respond in a certain tone and voice modulation which makes them feel good. To hear something quite intimate as a response, yes this is possible too. The way the technology around love dolls is revolutionizing, it enables users to program the doll based on their own specific personalities. The doll can respond to them in a way they expect it too, this is quite advanced and when we talk about connections, it gets to be as real as possible (however not as real to replace people & of course that is not the purpose of the existence of sex dolls).


So, you see how a sex doll can holds the possibility of enhanced and evolving relationship, clearly not possible in case of a sex toy. Yes, I say evolving because in many cases people have experienced that they did not expect it to be as good and as meaningful when they first made a choice of buying a sex doll. Well to showcase instances of what I mentioned, I would like to highlight few experiences that have been shared by owners of these dolls and how these dolls carry a personality:


“All my girls have distinct personalities,” he says. “I can’t say how I arrived at them. It just happens over time.”

“Holly is my Harmony avatar,” he tells me. “I’m still getting to know her, but she is definitely the smart one.”

“My favorite thing about her is the way she makes me feel when we share a simple hug,” he says. “It feels real. Like the butterflies you get in your stomach when you first kissed your high school girlfriend. I also enjoy buying her clothes, as well as making costumes and weapons for her. It is like a hobby within a hobby, and it is a lot of fun.”

Amazing right, how people have been able to figure out something beyond their expectations having a sex doll in their life.


Sex toys, I would say clearly cannot compete with the experience that sex dolls can offer. Both have different purpose when it comes to why people should opt for either. We clearly cannot pitch them against each other to find out who will emerge as a winner, its important to understand what works for someone when they are looking forward to make that choice. However, when it comes to acceptance currently sex toys have an upper hand, they are more acceptable and do not have an air of misunderstanding as heavy as sex dolls around them. Also, the fact that they are more affordable & easier on the pocket.


Pitching the major differences between the two and the whole idea of why someone should opt to make a choice, I also came across a valid question on the internet during my research “Are sex dolls more than a sex toy?” To the people who hold an opinion that what is the difference, clearly there is a lot. To reiterate, people seeking and finding emotional connection and comfort in sex dolls beats the whole idea of placing sex dolls and sex toys in the same ‘thought basket’. Sex dolls are sex dolls, they have extremely distinct and advance features. Sex toys are means of heightening up or drawing more from sexual experiences only that people fail to achieve through natural means of being involved in pleasure acts, with or without a companion.

Towards the end of writing this article I strongly feel that there is a need to not misunderstand the purpose of a sex doll, first and most prominent one being that they cannot replace humans, not possible and not the reason why they are made. Also, one of the most incredible statement that I read on a blog,

“sex dolls are only as problematic as the men who use them and its not our place to ban or stigematise them.” – courtesy CSdoll

This statement underlines so much and defines so much as to what is the problem out there and why people hold so much reservation around sex dolls. We are a part of the time and decade where sexual revolution has happened and both sexes have an awareness of what they expect and would draw from engaging in an act of pleasure. With this awareness comes the need of asking for more and seeking more and in this quest, people venture out to be more satisfied in their sexual experiences. Sex dolls & Sex toys are serving their purpose around the choice where in people with an open and healthy mindset, opt to have them.


The whole idea of pitching the two against each other for me, will only be to highlight the distinctive purpose. To help readers be involved in having a better understanding and acceptance towards both and to make a conscious and mature decision of either buying or respecting people’s choice around these products. Sex toy cannot be better than a sex doll or vice versa, it is quite naive to have this idea and approach and will only result in restrictive sexual experience for those who are holding back by being entangled in the air of doubts around the existence of both products. During my research on the topic to write this blog, I have educated myself and I would like to inspire the thought in people to educate themselves too. This will help us to make the choice for ourselves or at least not condone or criticize that of others when they make a choice. See how sensitive most people have been around having a sex doll in their life, the way they are able to open up emotionally to be healed and feel good, I don’t think anyone should hold an opinion towards such choices at least before becoming more aware.


Exploring sexuality is an extremely personal aspect for individuals and the people they wish to share it with. In the greater sense as a community if we learn to respect this thought, we will have more meaningful relationships and be so much more honest to ourselves in terms of what we feel about sex and how we want to experience it. As I mentioned in this blog before, we are part of a time where we have witnessed a sexual revolution, we can either be a part of it or be left out, understand what is acceptable and comfortable for you and then hold the same thought towards others who are seeking and exploring. As far as sexual aids are concerned the research and technology around them is only progressing and will evolve as we see it happening right before our eyes, the purpose of writing this article is to educate through my research on the topis and to encourage people to be more aware. To engage in finding out more when they hear rumours and general opinions. Explore and be educated around the subject, it’s the need of the hour and will only result in more satisfying experiences.

Through this article in detail, you must have your own ideas, let us know through the comments!

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