• What is the difference between the removable vagina and the built-in vagina?

    The movable vagina means that the sex organs of the sex doll can be separated from the body of the sex doll. The advantage of the removable vagina is that it is easy to clean and easy to use (it can be installed on the body of the sex doll and can be used alone). The disadvantage is that the experience when using it...
  • Can I cancel a placed order?

    Order Cancellations:  If you cancel your order within 24 hours, we can refund your order 80%, If the order has been produced or shipped after 24 hours, there will be no refund. For a refund, we will return the amount back to your original payment method. If you paid by credit card, the amount will be returned directly to the same card that was...
  • What are the supported payment methods

    We accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfer. If you have any problems during the purchase process, please contact us immediately. PayPal is the most convenient payment method. We accept credit cards and debit cards (including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, etc.) when making payments via PayPal. When using credit cards and debit cards, you will need to provide detail information about your...
  • What do you mean by standing or non-standing options?

    Sex dolls can be classified into two categories: standing and non-standing. If you dislike non-standing dolls, the ankles of standing dolls have been redesigned, and their feet are reinforced with three screws. Dolls with a standing feature are able to stand independently.
  • How often should I clean my new sex doll

    The doll should be cleaned every 10-to-20 days. Apply protective powder (baby powder) after the bath to prevent oil or cracks. After making love with the doll, clean critical parts, such as the vagina and anus immediately. It is important to maintain hygiene and prevent bacteria from breeding.
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