Having Sex With Realistic Beautiful Adult Sex Doll


When it comes to love, everyone desires to have it. But they need to live alone because they cannot find a boyfriend or girlfriend for various reasons. However lifelike sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular, so these lonely and single men have mental comfort. Real Dolls give lonely men the opportunity to have more sex and reduce loneliness.

So have you ever had sex with sex doll? In the first place, of course, playing with such a love doll is not called “sex”. In fact, there are shops that deliver sex dolls like this. They are too real and Chile nominated Ako-chan because she wanted to play once. Yes, what kind of night was it? Or is this kind of play a custom?

I have always been interested in such real sex doll. If you look for it, there is a shop that delivers to your home! If that happens, the story will be quick, but it will only be possible. However, what was most worrisome was how far the sex doll was “how close to a human being”. You are the same, all you care about is the touch, looks, and how close it is to the real thing. It's really curious and uncontrollable after a long time.

How much does real sex doll cost to play?

Surprisingly, it's the same price setting as a normal adult game. It's probably worth it, but I'm a little surprised even by myself as a fool of customer. If you buy it, it will cost you about $1000.

Looking at the sex doll pictures, it is almost the same height and weight as a normal human being. Of course, I was most interested in it. In addition, I couldn't walk with my feet, so I was very interested in how it was delivered.

fucking a sex doll

I don't feel any tension at all against human women, but this time I was really excited. As I slowly lowered the zipper on the carry bag, it appeared that a real woman who wanted to shout “Oh my god!” However, I was stuck for a while on what to do from here. First of all, I decided to sit down on the sofa, but it is as heavy as a small woman. It ’s hard to just sit down. But it ’s too real. A mysterious sensation that seemed to prank some sleeping women attacked me. To be clear, it has been uneven.

I brought her to bed and slowly removed her from the miniskirt. Can you imagine me like this? From the point of view of ordinary people, it is “just a pervert”, but I still remember the thrill of my heart.

And a rich play with her begins. I really wanted to look more closely, but I only have 90 minutes. First of all, I decided to try my bazooka, which became 30% harder than usual. It ’s a deep throat attack! ! ! The tension has risen considerably. It feels very nasty when viewed visually. However, because the opponent is fucking a sex doll, no matter how hard I try, it will not respond at all.

I still had time to sleep in the bed, but when I looked a little away, I felt too scared because it was too real. Please try it once and you will be surprised.

Even if you don't become a maniac so far, there are many erotic figures recently. There are lifelike sex doll, which can satisfy whatever you want to do. Unfortunately this is not delivered or rented, so you can only buy it. So just come to CSdoll to buy sex dolls.

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