Top 10 Sex Doll Movies and Series You Must See


Posted on March 06 2021

Sex dolls are becoming more prominent in our culture for a wide variety of reasons. This manifests itself in often strange ways, and humorous ones, but their representation in Hollywood Movies is where these manifestations are made on the grandest of scales.

Sure, sex dolls appear in pop-music and rap songs, but never as a figure that could be described as a central figure or main role. In this article, we will discuss the biggest and best ways Hollywood movies were inspired by the wonderful world of sex dolls! If you are a proud owner of a sex doll, you will thoroughly enjoy seeing these artists' renditions of how the future of sex dolls might grow to interact with your life! If you are still sitting on the sidelines, you will be shocked at how normal the concept of a love doll is in movies that might be from your own childhood! Either way, life imitates art, and while sex dolls might not be a big part of your life now, all the signs point to them being very involved in your future! so we're here to help! At the end of the day, you will want to see all these movies on their own merit! Here is our list of movies that every owner of a sex doll does not want to miss!

1) Dummy

The mediocrity and insanity of this show force our hand into giving it our first spot. Most movies and shows incorporate love drama, sexual desire, or deep philosophical questioning at humans' future with sex robots. This show, almost accidentally, creates the most realistic modern 2020 rendition of what will happen over the next few years. This one is hard to not spoil, so just imagine an angry, rebellious teenager who runs away from their oppressive family. Now, imagine that person has a friend who owns a sex doll. Ask yourself, what are the odds people are going to take, or steal, their friends sex doll and run away on an adventure with them? Even though it's a girl stealing a robotic girl, why is it that she forms a very real friendship with the device? Is it even a device at that point, if it genuinely offers support for her very real problems? This show delivers these questions and many more directly to your brain using comedy and Anna Kendrick as the leading actor.

2) Ex Machina

There is exactly zero possibility that you haven't heard of this movie, and about a 50% chance you've already seen it! This 2014 classic is one of the biggest Hollywood productions ever focused around the subject of sex dolls, and it was widely reviewed as a positive concept. The popularity of this movie was for two major reasons. First, the very stunning beauty of the robots quite closely resembled that of what are now popular sex dolls in today's world. Second, the movie delved deeply into the hypothetical potential of consciousness in our robotic creations. Obviously, we aren't spoiling anything, but this movie has an interesting perspective on what the very nature of thoughts is in the CPU-based minds of these little robots.

3) A.I. Artificial Intelligence

This is a movie you might have already seen, as it was so popular when it was released in 2001, but the association with sex dolls was more subtle as the main point of focus was that of artificial intelligence itself. Everyone loves the imaginative limitless potential real robots bring to our lives, both on the big screen and in real life, and the sexual nature of their presence is often so obvious and positive - it doesn't even need to be mentioned! We will not spoil the plot of this movie either, but let's just say it's about a male robot who is quite literally programmed to love.

4) Electric Dream

Originally released way back in 1984, this movie was way ahead of its time. Sure, people had cool ideas about a robotic and sex doll future. However, Electric Dream forecasted the natural and competitive nature between a male human, a female human, and a robot. Not surprisingly, everything from biology to robotics wants to enjoy the attention they believe they deserve. In this first-ever "love triangle" with a robot, it takes a very unique twist!

5) Her

In 2013, the movie 'Her' was released, and this movie was one of the first to make a very realistic representation of the very real and natural scenario about how a man can grow to appreciate a robot in more ways than one. The idea of men and women falling in love with their robotic partner was often overlooked, but this movie did a great job predicting what would only be just around the corner a few years later. Now, there are quite a few easily accessible stories about men and women who have formed a very real and lasting bond with their robotic better half.

6) Lars and the Real Girl

Starting off the list right is Lars and the Real Girl, a movie featuring Hollywood's beloved Ryan Gosling made in 2007. This movie is actually quite sensitive and sentimental, revolving around a man who just wants to live a predictable and planned out life. Without spoiling the plot, the character suffers tragically in his personal life and he learns the true cost of even the loving side of human affection. When he discovers a particular love doll, it fulfills the exact mental and physical needs of his mind and body demands of him, while avoiding the long-term cost of that of humanity.

7) Robots

While shocking, the movie Robots is actually set in a world filled with robots. This movie is so far set in the future, they seemed to forget about the entire human element, and just viewed the world after the sex doll takeover. If you watch this movie, you will see how beautiful and nice their robotic-filled world actually is, and overall - it's simply a beautiful vision of our future! Maybe we become these robots who surround themselves with art, balance, and beauty?

8) Metropolis

Being the oldest movie on our list, this one is truly legendary as it originally came out in 1927! This movie is also interesting because it is very close in its prediction of where we will be in only a few more years at the current technological growth we see. The basic gestalt of the film is about a mad scientist, who lives in an even madder city, decides to create a lovely robotic companion. This companion becomes larger than life herself and begins to take direct action on the mad city she finds herself in.

9) AI Rising

This recent 2018 release is set into the far future when humans and androids coexist on Earth and in space. It turns out, our android phones of the future will eventually merge with the real sex dolls we have today, and the combination is a thing we humans are quite fond of! This is more of an action and adventure movie, with a premier representation of the future equality we will share with sex dolls.

10) Big Hero 6

We had to have at least one Disney movie on the list! Like all Disney films, it avoids the more base sensations, but it does delve into adult subjects of artificial intelligence theory and game play. In the film, a boy and his AI-robotic dog find themselves growing and adapting to their adult world together. Naturally, through situations of their own creation, they are forced into choosing to do acts of good or acts of evil and begin to learn to think critically.


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