What do women think about sex dolls?


With the advancement and acceptance of how people now choose to pleasure themselves with or without a partner has revolutionized in the past decade. A remarkable introduction for men in this aspect is a ‘Sex Doll’, an artificial human like figure that men can choose based on their preference for a partner, that can look a specific way, talk and understand their emotions too based on their own personalities. Some of the key insights that I would like to list in this article are as below:

There are three major criteria to classify women’s approach or thoughts towards use sex dolls among men as intimate objects.

  • A conservative approach:

    women who like to engage in sex with only men as their partners, straight females have a more cynical reaction towards these sex dolls. They think them to be nothing more than lifeless things without a soul, definitely cannot satisfy a man the way a woman can.

  • Not so sure:

    while researching on the topic I also came across a lot of write ups and reactions from women who were not really sure, they definitely don’t condemn the existence of these sex dolls but they definitely are not sure about how well it works for men.

  • Liberal approach:

    There is huge acceptance among bisexuals and lesbians who find these sex dolls as sexually satisfying. There are a lot of blogs where bi & lesbians want to use these dolls while exploring their sexuality. They think it is even great to have these dolls as third person while engaging with their real partners.

Under the preview of the above three outlooks, I was able to collaborate below thoughts that women have shared all over the internet through blogs & posts:

  • Feminist females:I also came across a bunch of reactions from feminist females who specifically criticized men who look at ‘sex dolls’ as replacement of the female gender, however in my opinion this is an extreme outlook or approach. I think its not possible that these sex dolls can replace women ever. Getting an insight from this approach, women have been criticizing men who speak about replacing them with a sex doll because of their own insecurities. More like such men cannot handle a relationship where in their partners have their individualities and needs too. So, a feminist says, “its fine and I am happy that such a man is in a relationship with a lifeless intimate object, at least he won’t hurt someone’s feelings.”Learn more form quora:https://www.quora.com/What-do-feminists-think-about lifelike sex dolls.
  • I read a blog written by Tracy ClarkFlory who visited the iconic RealDoll workshop, being a reputed writer who writes about sex, she had penned down quite well her thoughts & experiences. To begin with her blog on ‘The Guardian’ reflects her speculations about the desires of straight men, when she sees some sex doll models with barbie face and body but very soon during her tour, she was quite surprised to hear that there are men who desire to have a doll that carries features of their dead spouse. She says and I quote, “whether interviewing men about their intimate lives or answering reader questions for a sex advice column, I have routinely encountered tenderness, vulnerability and anxiety. The same proved true of my RealDoll visit, which at nearly every turn underscored the unexpected around heterosexual men’s desire.” Her blog beautifully highlights how men seek emotional support in companionship. Sex dolls to many come as that companion with whom they can share what they feel.
  • There was an interesting thought shared on reddit, the lady pointed out the cost involved to draw pleasure by an intimate object. She says that’s it’s an expensive affair and difficult to store and take care off. She goes on to criticize misogyny in men by writing that men should not objectify women and understand that they are humans, not just a pretty thing to pleasure them.
  • Women have come out to make fun too, where guys think that replacing women in their life with a sex doll is a form of revenge, this thought or approach towards having a sex doll amuses women. Many women definitely find this thought about a man having a sex doll to satisfy and pleasure him humorous, their approach to this instance is more about ‘get a life’ what a woman can make a man feel during intimacy can never be replaced by an sex doll, no matter how advanced.
  • Some women find it disturbing that men look out to have these dolls because their bodies won’t change, they won’t get fat or start to look different with age. Women who are not comfortable doing everything that a male partner desires would get replaced, such a thought of outlook towards having a sex doll, women find is extremely disturbing and creepy.
  • Women have also shared their thought about ‘consent’, any form of stimulated sex or source through which men engage in stimulated sex calls for men to check their motive. If men seek such pleasure with the thought that consent gets eliminated in this case must change their outlook.
  • Some women find it to be a personal choice, if a man chooses to pleasure himself with an sex doll it is his business. It is personal to him why he opts to pleasure himself in a certain way. Everyone is free to choose for themselves how and why they wish to do a certain thing, unless they are hurting someone or creating trouble for someone, there is no harm in self-pleasuring through AI enabled, human like dolls.
  • There are women who have come out to talk about the use of dolls in history for the purpose of pleasure.Throughout history, men hold access to beautiful statues—but with an inclination to make love to women-shaped things—have made do in various ways. Sailors often used cloth to fashion formicatory dolls known as dame de voyagein French, or dama de viaje in Spanish. Women who find the use of sex dolls to be rooted in the history have a strong hold belief that men are controlled by natural inclination to be drawn by women’s bodies only which is to objectify them.
  • A prominent point of view shared is also around the psychology where women think that men might opt for these dolls as a safe outlet for paedophilia or rape, this should not be the case they think. Such men don’t need a doll they need therapy, people usually grow upon their desires and if such depraved desires have to grow then they will not be restricted to be acted out with a doll, eventually such men will seek pleasure through a real person. How is this good/safe at any level?
  • Apricating the artistic value in these dollsWomen have also admired the work and detailed craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing of these dolls. Whatever said and done, they are beautiful and is personification of women’s beauty. It is as good as sculpting which today has become a great gift and heritage for the modern world. Have a look at how men throughout history and various civilizations have crafted women’s beauty to be everlasting, Statue of Lady Sennuwy, Unknown, 1971 B.C. – 1926 B.C., From the collection of: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Aphrodite and Eros, unknown, 100 BC – 0 AD, From the collection of: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien , The birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, 1483 – 1485, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery. Throughout cultures it is evident that men are drawn by the beauty that nature has gifted to women and through art they seek to uphold it, fantasize it. Sex dolls are also a work of art based on a man’s vivid imagination which they want to hold for a prolonged period and establish a relation with it.
  • The whole idea of men using an intimate object to do with them what they wants terrifies women, its an opinion born out of fear that men are vile and when it comes to sex, they are self-centred and don’t care about how their actions make a woman feel. They are not willing to accept the fact that women have desires too, they seek pleasure just like men, using a sex doll is a reflection of such thinking where a man has no consideration for what a woman wants in the act of intimacy.
  • There are those who sex pleasure in experimenting and trying new things when it comes to intimacy along with their partners.Some women have not been shy in expressing that they find the idea of using a sex doll as third element while they are with their partners. In my research reading, such ideas I found have mostly been expressed by women who are lesbians/bi sexual. Use of sex dolls in threesomes came out to be quite a prominent approach when it comes to experimenting along with their partners.
  • Going back to reading the article by Tracy Clark – Flory, she definitely has decoded the thought in male psychology and longingness for companionship where in they seek to be with a woman who loves them, the whole idea of having such a figure around them at all times and to feel acceptable. Most men out there are definitely seeking companionship, they like to be heard and understood and this self-satisfying idea while have a conversation and relationship with an sex doll gets fulfilled they certainly find emotional healing in a way. Her blog features highlights from research done by renowned Ian Kerner, a psychotherapist and sexuality counsellor where he says about men’s desires, “can be incredibly elastic and variable” and vulnerable to outside stressors. He says men’s desire “is not properly understood or ascribed nearly enough nuance or subtlety”. Men most certainly seek “to be desired.”

The Bottom Line

To some up and have an understanding by reviewing blogs, articles and opinions that women share on social media, in the deeper sense most men opting to have a sex doll in their life feel that sense of belongingness has been missing in their lives, they just don’t want there dolls to pleasure themselves but to also engage in an emotional development with them, to satisfy this emptiness. The broader aspect that forms is definitely more inclined towards having a wholesome relationship that eventually can develop into sexual pleasure. Of course, the carnal satisfaction and purpose behind buying these dolls exist but not in a way where most men only seek to please themselves sexually through these dolls, hence the AI development is shaping up in the most advance manner in these dolls. If we have to talk about how sexually satisfying these love dolls are, it all starts with the sexual appeal they possess. Have a look at them, they are crafted to bring to life fantasies, there is a perfect body, human skin like texture, the tone of voice and the response to action, all of it is built for a person to have a satisfying sexual and eventually emotional experience too.

Women hold varying opinions about sex dolls as the internet is full of mixed reactions. Around the globe and from women of different sexual preferences the reaction is quite different. I feel that if the approach becomes more acceptable to understand in the deeper sense, then women will become more accepting about sex dolls becoming a part of the lifestyle people have globally. Under no circumstances they can ever replace the existence of women in the society, that’s a cynical and narrow approach to hold while placing criticism, they are only a shadow or a reflection that a man may look and to have them compete with a real person is a futile thought that cannot be lasting. Even with the advancement of AI and our perception of such advancement that sometimes we see through movies and literature, the effort of creators of this technology as well is not to replace human life but to add support and may be fill in an empty spot.

Now, whether you are a male or female, what do you think of sex dolls? Welcome to tell us in the comments!!!😀

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