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Since we first started our brand CSDoll in 2016, a lot of customers and prospective buyers always asked us the same question; why are your dolls being cheaper than most other stores? Yes, they were worried about our quality which is really understandable. Actually, our lead technicians are top, the original manufacturer of the dolls. Recently, some customers told us some competitors told them we sell low-quality TPE sex dolls since the price cannot be such low. We don’t want to argue but we want to tell you that CSdoll takes product quality very seriously. In this article, we want to share with you some insights about the dolls.

Before you continue to read, we would like you to think about some questions first. You visit your doctor, and they write you a prescription for a brand-name medication. You take the prescription to the pharmacist, and they tell you there’s a generic version of the drug available. Which one should you choose? In addition, when you take your car to the dealership’s service department for repairs, you know you’re getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts. However, if you take your car to an independent shop, you’ll most likely get aftermarket car parts. Does a less expensive part mean a poorer-quality part? And in what situations should you use only OEM parts?

Sex dolls have in a big way revolutionized how people view sex. If you ask me, they have made things so much easier for a lot of people. Now, you can literally imagine what you want your sex doll to look like and it will be customized for you. With the amazing technology that is put to work, the experience with a sex doll is just as real as it can be. With the demand being so high though, the prices have not been left behind. It’s not easy to get your hands on the desired sex doll unless you are willing to part with a considerable amount of money. Multimillion brands have come up and are leading in the production of such sex dolls. If I’m to be very honest with you, the kind of price tags on some of these sex dolls will have you adding to your wish list rather than buying them. That is at least until we came along.

The first thing we did is realize that the demand for sex dolls was not really being met for a select group of people due to affordability issues. Once that was done, we sort to take care of that not so long ago. You are probably thinking that that statement is an indicator that we are new. Well, you are very right. We are new in the market. When most people hear that they think that that means we are just an ambitious group of people trying to make profits. I’m not saying we mind the profits that come with the work but we also make sure we give you the ultimate value. Now that we have that cleared out, let’s talk about value. Most people make the assumption that the quality of a sex doll is determined by how expensive it is. I assure you, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

This is exactly what brings me to assure you that our quality of sex dolls is something we take great pride in. We most certainly cannot brag about how big a brand we are. One thing we can lift our heads up high for, however, is the fact that our quality is better by far. Now just how much are you willing to spend on a sex doll? Let me present some options for you in regard to the so called “big brands”. The moment you log into some of these websites you will notice a jaw-cracking difference of up to $1800. That’s right! Just so we are clear that is not even half of it. If you do not believe me, and possibly think I’m just advertising my brand the let me give you yet another example. On your phone or desktop, or whatever it is you use to browse, go check how much the sexdoll and any other in stock sex dolls ready to ship sex dolls costs. Well whether you have or not, I’m sure we can agree that the least amount you will find is $1599. You will notice that it’s actually on offer that that price. Well, be happy to know that with the same specifications you will get the same exact doll for just $769!

There is another ready why we can offer such a low price for our ready to ship selections. As you can imagine, most dolls need to be imported. When she flies to you by air, the shipping cost plays a big part. The pandemic makes the air ticket even more expensive. Our ready to ship selections are shipped to the United States by cargo which is NOT possibly offered by most other US based doll sellers.   

We have made sure to give you incredible offers on sex dolls with the assurance is even better. Our mission is to make sure that you get the best experience from sex dolls without having to worry about affordability. Do not be taken advantage of by big brands that are out there to get your money. Do explore all the high-quality sex dolls that we offer and take the one that best pleases you today!

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