What is it like to have sex with a sex doll?


Nowdays,sex dolls are become more and more pouplur.And sex is important in human life. Individuals who seek sex dolls are rejected, some are disabled and others traumatized. Also, we have those who suffer from immature ejaculation hence do not have confidence. In addition to that, it is not easy to find true love since everyone is looking for a perfect person.

Sex dolls are not judgmental, it gives you time to practice sex skill with confident. The question is how it feels like having sex with a sex doll? We have collected a lot of experience information from our customers.

Warmth Experience

A real person could provide natural warmth that makes sex sweet and lively. Dolls also come with extra features that allow them to produce heat hence making you feel like you are have real sex. 

Continuous blow jobs

 The real partner has to hold on for her breath then continue. Sex dolls do not require catching breath hence it does not stop. Furthermore, a silicone/TPE partner will give you hearty blow jobs. She does not have moods to refuse when you want. These amazing dolls are always ready for anything.

Flexible Perfect

Most men contemplate different sex styles. Nonetheless, this is hard to do it on a real woman. Additionally, it is not possible to get a woman who wants to be an experiment. For instance, some countable women want to do anal sex. Sex dolls are ready for any sex style. All you need is to position her to your perfect sex style.

Manufacturers ensure you experience friction and pressure to make the moment great.  She is ready to give you her tight and real like vagina.  It feels like having sex with a real person since it is made from premium materials. Sex dolls will give you intense sex that you cannot do to a woman.

Intense sensation

Sex dolls offer intense sensation as far as you are concentrating on it. This is because you do less shifting. When doing intercourse you will need to think about your partner’s state. You will be more focused on a lifelike doll. Moves are 100% centered on your side. Also, having sex with a sex doll is not just masturbation but a different form of feeling. It feels like having sex with a human.

Devoid emotions

Sex doll does not have life hence it lacks emotions. Its emotional intensity is empty. The emotional intensity you get during intercourse is different.  On top of that, a toy does not have any reaction or orgasm. The feedback you get from life partners is amazing.

You love a woman’s warmth, south, flesh to flesh, little communication, and throwing her legs up as you go deeper. Good thing is that, sex dolls are created with amazing parts that will help to satisfy your sexual needs.

Realistic sex

Sex with sex dolls feels like having sex with the woman of your dreams. Most men are controlled with the face. These dolls are a perfect definition of a beautiful woman. TPE partners have pretty faces, pointed nipples, large breasts, juicy butt, and curvaceous body.it is refreshing to have sex with a real doll with a tiny waist. Besides that, they can be custom made to meet your favorite celebrity, girlfriend, or wife.

No Anxiety

You will not experience performance anxiety during sex. Users do staff at their pleasure. Therefore, you will not experience the problem of pleasing one another.


A good sex doll weighs about 90 to 100lbs. this is a difficult weight to carry around. Also, it is hard to position it to your favorite style. Sex dolls cannot change styles automatically like real people. You will take more time to position her legs, arms, and body. Also, she cannot ride you like a real human.

Lack lubrication

A person produces lubrication when she becomes aroused. Sex dolls need vaginal fluid to lubricate. If not, you will have a hard time inserting. Furthermore, it will increase friction and irritation.  

But this can be solved by simply buying lubricants for sex dolls. If you do so then your sex will be good just like doing it with a real life sex partner.


Sex with sex dolls is more satisfying than regular masturbation. Even though it is not similar to intercourse, it can be real if you are focused on the doll. It needs 100% concentration to bring more pleasure. Satisfaction is guaranteed since she is ready to explore sex games.

 You can be sure of having someone at home who is willing to satisfy you. On the contrary, a real human will not be in the mood for sex all the time. This may result in misunderstandings and issues in the house. TPE dolls will last for long without getting tired.

More Safer 

Safety should be guaranteed when it comes to sex. The rise of sexually transmitted diseases has become overboard. Most youth nowadays live with HIV positive. Sex dolls are safer when they are compared to human beings. You will have great sex without worrying about consequences like infections and pregnancies.

It is better to invest in a sex doll instead of visiting brothels for prostitutes. You will have sex with confidence and more rounds. Ensure you do not share the doll with friends or other people. Sharing is also a leading transmission of infections.

Final thoughts

With the advancement of technology,sex dolls are like a real human being. It is physically perfect and has no imperfections of humans. This is because it is handmade and everyone wants to hook up with a perfect person. It has a great ass, tits, curves, and a tiny waist. Moreover, it feels good to have sex with a sex doll.It is a great a deal to have a sex doll.

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