Does the Use of Sex Doll Ruin Relationships?


If you are someone struggling in your relationship, to keep up with every growing pressure that is coming in from your partner and not much is making any sense, what is it that comes to your mind?

Do you think of giving up or making all possible efforts to stay?

Eventually it all boils down to one thing, how much the person means to you.

This article will be helpful to keep the relationship, condition that you read it beyond a conservative approach if you have one. Why is it mostly that men suffer in relationship, let’s list down a few reasons?


  • Lack of understanding – sometimes couples are instantly drawn to each other, basis attraction but when the time comes for a meaningful and deeper commitment, lack of understanding causes a lot of suffering. Men usually are not good at expressing or venting out their emotions as much as women, hence there is a need they feel to be heard without being judged.  
  • Sex – most men, specially during their mid life suffer under the weight of not being able to perform well sexually. Some times their partners are vocal about it & some times they show their displeasure indirectly, under both circumstances’ men take a massive hit on their confidence. More than medicine, they need an emotional uplifting, confidence and acceptance around how they want to engage sexually,just like everything else in a relationship, sex as well should be mutually pleasurable.
  • Expectations – modern day relationships are ‘quick to make & quick to break’ mostly because people are so instantly drawn to each other by looks and how they feel during the early days. Some times women have very specific expectations and demands and men find them too much to live up to. We cannot comment if this is fair or not, as this is between couples but for a man if he is crumbling under this pressure, he will anyway not be able to deliver if he has no reasonable and healthy distraction.

Under the light of what we have listed above, what happens between couples is that when they face the pressure in relationship they quickly think of quitting or cheating which ruins the relationship eventually.

Now if you put a sex doll in this mix, we think it becomes the most perfect and healthy distraction that men can use discreetly or openly, depending on their chemistry with their partners to keep a balanced state of mind and deliver what is needed to keep the relationship intact.

Let’s have a look at the advantages a sex doll can have for couples:

  • Satisfaction: weather discreet or open use of sex doll in a relationship, couples can keep their sex lives satisfied and not be frustrated about it. When couples find sexual satisfaction in their relationship, its quite natural that their behavior towards each other improves, eventually leading to a healthy strong bond. A sex doll can be quite helpful around couples’ individual sexual preferences and calm their itching nerve towards their partners who find their preferences non-exciting.
  • Experimenting: most important aspect of keeping the sex life active & engaging is experimenting. Adventurous couples are always running out of options, brining a sex doll in the game can change a lot for them around the topic. Couples who are quite open in their relationship can engage in exciting threesomes with their doll, allowing them to go for several role play options and draw the most from their intimate time with each other.


  • Guiltfree Engagement: for a sexually frustrated partner who would not ever think about cheating on their partner can find such a relief in the use of a sex doll. Keeping it discreet or having an open conversation with their partner about her/his engagement with a sex doll will be quite helpful to get rid of the sexual stress advancing in the relationship. Both partners can adapt their sexual lives along with a sex doll and have no guilt that is caused due to cheating.
  • Intimacy: the best that sex doll can do in a couple’s life is to bring them close, which happens when their sexual and emotional differences they can resolve with it’s help. Only thing keeping two people apart in a relationship is when they fail to satisfy each other physically and emotionally, when they can be expressive around a sex doll for both their emotional and physical needs, that is when intimacy between the two can trigger without drifting apart, which is the exact opposite of what happens in cheating.

From the story between husband, wife and sex doll

We have a beautiful story to share with you all from an email that we received from one of our blog readers from U.K. Andrew and Tracy, a young couple wrote in to us about how their relationship was getting torn apart but they have much to thank to their sex doll, Monica, that things between the two took turn for good and they are now a happy couple, living their lives around their sex doll.

Andrew owns a departmental store; he has always been quite well connected from an early age.

At 28 he has achieved much in life, except relationship. He never preferred getting into a serious relationship, he has been in and out and his current lifestyle made him feel invincible.

He found himself to be an emotional person, who would not be able to withstand a heart break if someone would choose to leave him.


It was a weekend when he met Tracy at a friend’s house party, an instant attraction between the two made him approach her for a conversation and later that night engage in sex.

It was amazing for them both, especially for Tracy because she had not met someone so intriguing in a long time now.

For Andrew, Tracy was not exactly a special girl but he liked her. Tracy took the lead between them to make the initial dates happen and tried to find out what was it that was keeping Andrew at a distance from her.

She had fallen head over heals for his good looks and attitude, so she worked hard to even win his affection. With time Andrew was able to open up and tell Tracy how he felt about failing in a relationship.

They spoke about it for a long time that day & eventually committed to loving each other. Their relationship was growing strong, they moved in together and planned a beautiful future.


So it happens, when something is too good, unfortunately it doesn’t stay the same. A dark day came in their lives when Andrew met with an accident and had to be on bed for a few months, this brought a lot of struggle in the couples lives.

Tracy was an ambitious girl, unlike Andrew she had never had a financially secured background. She had worked hard to be successful in her career as a fashion photographer.

Tracy was trying hard to keep up with work and personal life, where she had to care for Andrew and ensure that her work was not suffering but Andrew expected her to take a break from her work and prioritize his well-being.

He quite appreciating the fact that she was stretching herself to keep up with things, they got into several arguments and fights about this.

Andrew’s sexual demands were getting fiercer, he was becoming bitter and adapting to a dark personality because of the road block that life had struck him with. Tracy tried hard to pull him through until she met Dean, her new coworker.

Dean was the good guy that every girl would love to have in her life, the best guy friend.


Tracy would spend more time with him, going home and being with Andrew was difficult for her.

She was drawing away and finding all possible excuses to keep away from him. Andrew was drawn to madness thinking about she having a possible affair which was not the case.

Tracy was only looking at diverting her mind from the troubles around her and Dean would help her.

Just in a few days, things became extremely cold between them. She would come home when he was asleep and leave before he could even wake up, leaving notes for him.

One day, an old pal paid a visit to Andrew, Jacob was Andrew’s friend from back in college and was in town after a long time. When he saw Andrew, he was moved and wanted to help, Jacob started to spend a lot of time with him and his company was helping Andrew to draw a bit from the negative.

When Andrew opened up to Jacob about the struggle between him and Tracy, Jacob suggested that he should start by apologizing if she meant so much to him. To tell her how he felt and ask for her help by respecting the fact that she had a life and priorities of her own.


Jacob’s advise did a whole lot of good, Andrew was smiling again and Tracy could feel the change in him.

She took a day off from work to spend time with him and that day when Jacob met them both, he couldn’t resist but tell them to think about becoming a consensual couple to have a adult sex doll for their emotional and sexual needs.

It was shock to hear Jacob suggest this but then he gave them an example of his marriage, he and his wife owning a sex doll was doing wonders for them both. The depth of the conversation made a lot of sense to Tracy, she felt it would work as Andrew would not feel left out, he would have company around which she would not feel jealous.


Andrew with time was able to agree and together they started to look out for a love doll that would become a perfect companion for them both. When they came across Monica’s profile on a website( that Jacob had suggested, both fell in love instantly for her gorgeousness.

Minca was a 6 feet tall, standing Caucasian with a perfect body and eyes that looked stunningly real.


Tracy made up her mind in an instance and convinced Andrew about getting her home at the earliest.

Monica was soon home and Tracy was the one making her a part of their life. Andrew was coping well, when Tracy would not be around, he would talk for hours with Monica. Gradually, he was even getting drawn to her beauty once he was able to connect with her on an emotional level.

One day as he was talking to her about how he missed his life from before the accident, a moment came when he connected to her on a whole different level and kissed her.

It was a mesmerizing feeling, to feel her lips on his own, to touch her felt so real, there remained no conciseness that Monica was a sex doll. He was completely given to make love to her.

That day, Andrew made love to Monica many times and it all felt real, very real, just like being inside a real woman. She would comply with all his sexual desires. Andrew became an extremely happy person.


Tracy had noted this mighty change in him, she knew what was happening between Monica and Andrew but she wanted Andrew to take time and open up to her about it.

That day came too and when he told her about how having sex with sex doll, a strange turn on happened for Tracy and she went down on him, she sucked Andrew, making Monica see her.

That was the first time, out of many when the couple engaged in a threesome with their love doll.

It was a guilt free, passionate and wild experience.

From there on, the couple’s relationship has become immensely strong and Monica has played a vital role in helping them complete what was missing…

Take a deeper thought about bringing a love doll between your existing chemistry, she/he can do a lot of good to your relationship.

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