The unexpected good things of having a doll


If you are someone who has never had an idea or even a thought about having a sex doll, this article will at least lead you there.

To have that thought about having a sex doll, I have been researching on sex dolls for a while now and have come across some incredible stories of people who have them as part of their life.

On the outside, just when you are at the surface, reading articles or watching videos about people who have a sex doll, it all seems a little uncanny but when you start to explore personalities of these people and how they have been feeling before having a sex doll, you kind of start to connect with them on some levels.

Now just like me, probably you would not make up your mind to have a sex doll in your life but you will definitely open up to this possibility.


In a way they are able to cope up quite well as far as their feelings are concerned and are able to live happy.

I think the most fascinating & unexpected good that happened to people who got themselves a sex doll is that they were able to develop a connection.

These men and women in time were able to bond with their dolls. Reading these articles, I came across one specific common fact, a lot of people out there find it difficult to bond with other people or trust them.

When they felt like they failed in their relationships, they made a wall around them to not be let out to have such experiences again. All of their feelings were retained within & irrespective of how they were holding up for the world outside, inside they were lonely.

When a doll stepped in their lives, the unexpected good was that with time they were able to do a lot having it around, simpler things but prime aspect of their personality.

There are so many blogs & testimonials out there where in people speak about how they play video games having their doll sit by their side, talking to the doll about their day, have the doll sleep next to them and not feel lonely anymore.


These stories are full of how people have been able to create an emotional display around their dolls without having the fear of rejection. They are able to pass away from the fear of being cheated or putting in efforts to be in a dishonest relationship. In a way they are able to cope up quite well as far as their feelings are concerned and are able to live happy.

Treat depression and low self-esteem

There is something quite interesting that I read while researching on the topic, you may read this article on

Clinical psychologist, Christine Manley shares profound insight on why people feel depressed and how it affects their sexual health.

I would like to quote her statement.

“Issues with self-esteem are the hallmark of depression.”

she explains.

“The core diagnostic criteria of depression are chronic and pervasive feelings of worthlessness. So, if that’s the foundation you’re coming from with a depressive episode, your self-esteem is going to be in the toilet, and that’s going to affect every major area of your life, including your sex life.”

In the instance of what we have discussed so far and in light of Christine’s statement, people who are depressed and are living with low self esteem cannot open up sexually because of the fear of criticism.

This is where a sex doll can change the entire outlook for them, to be engaging sexually with a doll, a non-judgement party, a person can feel much free and sexually liberated. Gradually become comfortable with their expression of sexual preference and most importantly, accepting.


With better confidence people can now step out being more stable. In the process of engaging sexually with a doll, there is boost in feel good endorphins that keep symptoms of depression away.

Maintain the relationship between husband and wife

When we look at the aspect or the outlook of a person’s personality when they want to experiment with their sexual drive and desires, most times people find road blocks in terms of not being able to have an open discussion with their partners around the topic. This can cause so much tension between people and being damage the relationship.

A sex doll can come in real handy I would say when it comes to experimenting.

There is much that people have shared on the internet in terms of how they felt more comfortable expressing and engaging sexually with their dolls which eventually transpired into good sex between the couples.


This came as a total surprise and unexpected good to help them fix sexual tension that they were facing in their relationships. Here in this case more than anything else the doll has served as a guinea pig.

Also, the way the modern dolls function in terms of how touching them feels like, how the lubrication works and the AI development around them, makes them so much human like to ensure that people have an extremely engaging and as close to real as possible sexual experience with them. Specifically, the silicon work, eyes and hair work that happen with the top doll companies is so real that it captivates people at the first sight of having a look at these dolls.

You will be amazed to real a lot of blogs and testimonials on the internet where in people express how good they feel while having sex with a sex dolllove doll mansion by his friends. It all started for him when he liked a mannequin and because she looked beautiful to him, he got her home, it all started from there for Bob and then he started collecting these dolls, the rage he has is vast and the most expensive doll in his collection costed him 7000 pounds.

This is his lifestyle now, an obsession that grew upon him and gave him an identity.


Currently he spends a lot of his time with his dolls and engages in photo shoot with them, where he dresses them up in fine undergarments. Just like bob here, there are many collectors around the world who find this sense of passion and purpose in collecting.

One last word

Well, I am about to make a definitive statement now basis the reading I have been doing on the topic.

These dolls are beautiful and the best materialistic possession someone can have to be engaged with and shut themselves to the chaos out there.

Just have a look at them and if it gets your attention in any way, read about the lifestyle of people who own them. They are the most real like, materialistic possession that some people own that unhooks their mind from the damaging reality that the world offered them.

These people are happy, they live a happy life irrespective of how futile someone might think their state of happiness is. I think it’s the most remarkable, unexpected good that they found.

Just think about it for a moment now, is there anything materialistic in this world that is as close to being real than a sex doll?

Well, I think not and this statement sums up most of what I want to feature in this article. An artificial, human looking specimen that through the power of AI is enabled to have a personality can do a whole lot of good to someone who has only found disappointment in their relationships but feels the need for it.


We stand at the brink of another phase of technological revolution and probably from here on who knows what new add on will happen in creation of these beautiful masterpieces but I am sure that more and more people will become accepting.

I see a future where the numbers rise in terms of people owning these dolls to fill in the emotional gaps that this fast-paced urban lifestyle is creating. Unexpected good is the gradual discovery of walking into a new adventure when you buy a doll and start to live with it.

I definitely think differently about them now, after spending time researching and reading about the topic, gaining insights from psychologists who have shed light on the mental health condition of most people around the world and how dolls have been of help.

I think it’s a door way to gaining emotional strength in a way that we are majorly unaware off but is evident and few around the world have discovered already.

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