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If you have a beautiful sex/love doll at home and you have been thinking about doing a photoshoot but don’t really know positions will look great, well then, this blog is just for you.

The internet is full of not so good pictures of men and women posing with their love dolls, people kind of find it difficult to pose along with these remarkable masterpieces. Try to be extremely creative to ensure you are making optimum use of your doll’s good looks and show off their best parts by setting up a great background.

Get your doll and exclusive and elegant lingerie, go all out to unleash your imagination for the photoshoot, here are some poses that I would like to recommend:

Standing positions

For the most gorgeous dolls that come with the standing feature, you have the best advantage.

A doll female/male looks stunning in a standing position because the body is aesthetically perfect. It enables you to cover all your doll features perfectly in a shot from all possible angles.

It is highly recommended to consider keeping your doll fully nude in the standing position, to let all the goodness be seen. Also, when you plan to have cloths on your doll, keep it minimum or scanty.

Let the doll be standing against a wall, with one arm raised and another may be covering the vagina (in case of female sex dolls), in this pose she will look like a top model posing for a prime photo shoot and also this pose will come out to be extremely appealing. Loose her hair and let the standing doll lean a little on the wall, in this position, this time let your doll expose all its goodness.

When you plan to be a part of the photo shoot with a standing doll, a nice position will be you having her arms around your neck, while you hold her waist. This pose will look great under both scenarios where in the doll is fully nude or seminudes.

You can have your doll stand next to you and pose like a celebrity standing for a red-carpet photograph. For this pose, its highly recommended that you have a look at a couple of celebrities posing for red carpet, also stylish outfit is a must for the doll and yourself.

Now how about having your doll stand in a provocative pose, actually there are multiple variations that you can consider here.

My recommendation, have a look at gallery of any adult website( where in porn stars pose in provocative poses. Other than serving as a great collection of your doll pictures, you can have these pictures saved in your personal gallery to have access for self-pleasure, in case you are travelling and are away from your doll.

Ideally some examples of such poses will be, the dolls hands touching the vagina and covering the nipples may be or even pressing of boobs, holding them together with a slight bending to pose in front of the camera. For standing poses it is important that the doll has a strong skeleton structure to ensure best poses.

Sitting position

Lets look at what interesting poses a love doll can have for an incredible photo shoot.

Sitting position is good for all kinds of dolls, I mean a full size, small size, soft skeleton, all dolls can look great posing in sitting poses. Talking about how creative you can get around; well, the possibilities and options are many if you search the internet.

Now you can have the doll sit on a couch or have her stretch legs on a bed while she leads against the head board. Recommendation, refrain from going all nude in this position rather good option would be to have the doll wearing a sexy piece of lingerie, red and black looks stunning on all skin tones.


For a couch position try this, have your doll sit with its back straight and one leg on top of the other. To add some hotness to the photo shoot, place a burning cigarette in its hand (caution, be extremely careful that the doll does not get damaged due to burn from the lit cigarette).

You can have some props on her as she poses in sitting position. Make her ware a horn hairband. Get her legs spread and her hands raised (this pose looks highly provocative with a sexy lingerie)


The doll can also sit on the floor with her legs spread apart, may be in this pose the doll can be topless wearing a tong. Ensure that in sitting position you make good use of the hand gestures. One of the hand positions that I saw in a picture over internet was the doll’s hands wrapping her upper body which was topless, while she was sitting on a couch.

The doll in this position looked like a cover page model. I would highly recommend to check Victoria Secret photo shoots to draw inspiration.

Sitting poses on a chair gets super attractive, try the doll wearing a leather jacket and a fishnet, with a black panty. She can sit on the chair; the chair being placed facing its backside towards the camera.

Recommended pose if you thinking of joining in while the doll is in sitting position. Ideally a good pose would be where the doll is sitting on a chair or couch and you standing behind, to lean or just pose natural, standing behind the doll.

Another interesting position I saw was, the doll sitting on a chair in lingerie, looking up in the eyes of male poser, while the male poser was leaning on the chair, resting his hands on the arms of the chair, staring in the eyes of the love doll. Did showcase a strong connection with a contemporary background the picture had.

Laying position

this position is highly recommended in case when you seek to pose your doll for an explicit photo shoot.

Have your doll lay on a sofa or bed, without cloths or in an enticing lingerie. You can have her legs bent upwards with the doll laying on her belly, looking into the camera or have her lay on her back, with her hands touching her breasts.

It’s a gorgeous position to capture some alluring pictures of your love doll.

Bent over

In this position, you make your sex doll stand in an inviting way but bent on her hips over the bed.

Click the sex doll from behind also to try bend the sex doll over the surface of the table or bed but still standing, the face of the sex doll should touch the surface of the bed and the bend should be at the waist.

he bent over position can be really stunning and wild. You can also make the sex doll wear a pair of sexy high heels to add extra hotness, and to make her stand in a flat but sexy way pushing out her butt.


Spooning is the most intimate sex position of all time.

If you want to make your sex doll look wildly attractive in a photoshoot, while lying on the bed or if you’re looking for a more erotic photoshoot, then the spooning position can work very well for you and your sex doll.


Make the doll lie on her side with her arms bent in front, as she is your little spoon. Bend her legs at an angle of forty-five degrees to support her body. Lift her upper leg and get her clicked.

Doggy style bent over

Of course, how can you leave out the doggy style if you want a really mind-blowing photoshoot with your love doll?

Make the doll kneel on her knees on the surface of the bed, and bend her so as to make her face downwards. The arms of the sex doll should be raised slightly over her head to balance her body in the position. Spread the legs of the sex doll a little from the back to maintain the balance so that the doll doesn’t fall. Click her from behind, as you like. In this pose the doll for sure will invite your hands to smack a spank on her ass cheek, just as you would do during sex with your doll.

Be careful about protecting your dolls knees from frictions and, as soon as you’re done, straighten up the doll into a neutral position to avoid long-term damage.

Cowgirl pose

Alternatively in the sitting position you can make her sit in the reverse cowgirl style. This pose is highly preferred for a nude photoshoot.


Now that we have spoken much around the main poses that the doll can get into during the photo shoot, lets look at some tips and techniques that can be of great help while you plan to have a spectacular photo shoot with your love doll.

Poses for outdoor photo shoots

Now this is where the brilliance of natural light and surrounding happens for your doll photo shoot.

Find a beautiful background for a doll that comes with the standing feature and go all creative to click. You can have your doll stand in various poses as she is decked up in stunning apparel. Have her hand on her hips may be, with her legs parted rightly, her face looking straight into the camera or to any of the sides to capture her side profile.

Outdoors you can also plan for a sit down pose for your doll, if there is a place with a beautiful background where the doll can be seated, you can have the doll look at different angles during the click.

While sit down during outdoor, you can get extremely creative by trying variations like having your doll lean on its back, with her hands supporting her to lean, in this pose the head can be pushed back a little to make the doll look up and her eyes closed.


This will be a perfect pose to capture an extremely beautiful picture of your doll, which will definitely serve the purpose of making your doll look real.

Make use of props for your doll, something like a book, glasses, a flower etc during outdoor shoots in sitting and standing pose variations to make the photoshoot realistic, while you capture the beauty of your love doll in camera.

In the end

Most importantly you can get creative and improvise in your own way around the poses that I have shared in this article.

Photo shoot with a love doll is not as challenging, given that the doll can adapt and stay still in the positions that you prefer, however you got to be careful to ensure that no damage is caused to your doll during the photo shoot.

Refrain from keeping the doll in the same pose for a very long time, in case of nude photo shoots or photo shoots in lingerie the doll is free from the risk of getting stained from the surrounding.

Just to generally be a little more careful about your doll is required during the photo shoot that you plan.

In line with what I have shared, I would like to end the article by sharing some do’s & don’ts that one can quickly remember while planning a photo shoot with a love doll.

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