Would You Like to Take a Bath with a Sex Doll?


Would you like to take a bath with a real doll? For a man who thinks of a life partner who likes a doll, he wants to be with him as much as possible. Of course, the same is true for bathing time. It must be fun to enjoy a relaxing bath time with your beloved Dutch wife! However, the question at the time was, "Can the love doll take a bath?" If your sex doll is damaged or soiled by bathing in the bathtub, you will not regret it.

To be sure, most silicone and TPE dolls can take a bath together!

But this does not mean you can take a bath. There are many precautions when taking a bath with a real doll, so I will introduce them.


What are the precautions for taking a bath with a real love doll?

1. Regarding the type of knots, be careful that water enters the body.

Sex dolls usually have a joint called a "joint" on their neck, which allows their head to be removed. If you put this joint in a bathtub, the inside of the love doll's body will be submerged in water, causing rusty metal parts and broken bones. For love dolls with joints, be careful not to bathe above your shoulders.

In addition, if it is a self-supporting real doll, metal parts may be embedded in the soles of the feet so that it can stand on its own. This part may also rust when in contact with hot water, or may cause water to enter the body. For this reason, love dolls with self-reliant metal parts embedded in their feet should give up taking a bath together, or if absolutely necessary, wrap their feet with vinyl to prevent them from contacting hot water.

2. Do not use bath salts that are too dark in color

Isn’t it relaxing to take a bath with scented bath salt? However, when bathing with a love doll, do not use bath salts that darken the water. This is because the skin of the doll can be stained with the color of the bath salt. If I dye the skin of a beautiful real doll with the color of blue and green bath salt, I will shudder. Moreover, the skin color of a doll that has been dyed once can hardly return to its original color no matter how many times it is washed. You should avoid using bath salts to avoid regret.

3. Do not overheat the hot water

When taking a bath with a sex doll, first be careful not to overheat the water. Especially the heat resistance of TPE love doll is not as good as silicone.

The temperature of the hot water should be kept between 30°C and 33°C for TPE and 35°C for silica gel. It may feel lukewarm to humans, but be careful not to melt or deform your precious love doll.

4. Don't rub your skin too hard when washing your face

When cleaning the sex doll's body, be careful not to rub it with a towel. The skin of love dolls is very delicate, rubbing hard with a towel will hurt them. When washing, it is best to gently stroke the shower gel on the palm of your hand instead of using a towel. You may also accidentally bump into a real doll in the bathroom, causing scratches or malfunctions. Try to handle it carefully.

5. We recommend the body to use weak acid shower gel

Depending on the material, the body of Aiwawa may gradually ooze oil called "oil oozing", which may make people feel squeaky. Careful care may be suppressed to a certain extent, but it is almost impossible to suppress 100%. You may want to wash your love doll with strong degreasing detergent to eliminate this squeak, but for love dolls with delicate skin, strong detergent will not work!

The loss of oil on the skin can make it easy to be scratched, and cleansers can cause the skin to break and melt in severe cases. When cleaning the love doll, it is best to use a weak acid shower gel that is gentle on human skin. It is not good to wash too much at first, so it is okay to wash the real doll with shower gel occasionally, such as when there is dirt that you really care about.

Take care of your love doll after the shower!

After taking a bath with your love doll, wipe off the water on your love doll thoroughly with a towel. Even at this time, if you rub vigorously with a towel, it may damage your skin, so it is best to wipe off the water like pressing a towel instead of rubbing. If the water is not wiped clean, it may cause mold to grow on the doll. You don't even want to imagine mold growing on your beloved doll!

In addition, at this time, the nails of the lover's doll may be caught by the towel and fall off, please be aware of this. If your nails come off, wipe off the oil stains on the adhesive surface with your fingertips, and then fix the nails with rubber adhesive. After thoroughly drying the water, apply baby powder on the body of Aiwawa.

After Aiwa takes a bath, her skin is in a state of losing oil and is very susceptible to friction. If you are not good at it, your skin and clothes may rub against each other and get scratched when you put on your clothes. Baby powder has the effect of suppressing friction, so be sure to use it.

Find a love doll who can take a bath with "csdoll"!

As I explained, various precautions need to be taken when taking a bath with Aiwawa. But no matter how hard you work, taking a bath with your beloved doll is a very fun thing. If you want to take a bath with your love doll often, you may want to choose a love doll that is easy to carry and has a short stature. The tall lover doll is very heavy, if you accidentally pick it up, it will hurt your back, so consider that the short and light lover doll is suitable for bathing together. Let's do it together.

The csdoll store sells TPE dolls of various heights and weights. Please find your favorite love doll in "CSdoll" and enjoy the bath together!

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