Adult Size Sex Dolls Buying Guide


Sex dolls have become a great treasure among us for a very long time. As the popularity continues to increase, more and more people are now convinced that it's perfectly alright to own a love doll. Sex dolls aren’t made for just sex, but also make a great companion and to help prevent you from feeling lonely. 

Meantime,the market is overflowing with love dolls of various brands, types, and sizes which makes it really hard to pick the best one to satisfy your needs while staying within your budget. Try to avoid the shady companies as they sell dolls made with cheap materials that fall apart easily and are very difficult to clean. We have put together a Buying Guide to help you spend your hard-earned money smartly and choose the best sex doll to spice up your sex life and make it more fulfilling than ever before. Let’s get started! 

What Are the Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are also known as love dolls are human-like, anatomically correct, anthropomorphic dolls that replicate the whole human body and are used to generate sexual stimulation in solo or partnered sex. They have penetrable orifices such as the mouth, vagina, and anus just like a real woman for your complete stratification. Sex dolls come in different genders, ages, and races with a variety of body types, skin tones, hair, and eye colors. Some manufactures also allow customers to customize their dolls and offer an ample range of selections. No other sex toy offers a better value for the money than love dolls. Robotic dolls are different from sex dolls in a way that they run on artificial intelligence and can perform complex interactions to maximize the sexual pleasure.

A Brief History

Sex dolls have been around for a very long time than you expect. The very first sex dolls were created in the 17th century by French and Spanish sailors who would be isolated and remain alone during the long voyages to satisfy their sexual desires. The dolls were made of old or sewn clothes and can be considered as an ancestor to today’s modern sex dolls. During the Rangaku period, the sex dolls were sold to the Japanese people who still referred to them as “Dutch Wives”. The sex dolls development then continues to grow until the revolutionary achievements that we witness today. The lifelike and robotic dolls equipped with artificial intelligence are available in 2021.

Why Should You Own A Sex Doll?

If you have ever considered buying a sex doll, you have probably thought about what it feels like to have one. Most people don’t buy sex dolls because they are can be difficult to hide and you cannot erase them like your browser’s history. People also fear of being judged as a misogynist who see women as sex object often feel shame for almost everything these days.

Sex dolls are real lifelike dolls and their sheer appearance is a dream for the eyes and pleasure to the touch. They are specially designed to engage your sense of touch and bear a close resemblance to touching a real woman. It’s really hard to tell the difference with your eyes closed. They are great to have the human-level pleasure that is too surreal to be put into words.

For people who are scared of marriage and prefer to stay single, a sex doll is a great choice to satisfy their natural needs. Once the owner has bonded with the doll, they can be treated as an actual girlfriend or wife. You can dress her, eat meals and drink with her, watch TV and sleep with her, and she will not go anywhere and stay as beautiful as the first day you brought her into you home.

Benefits of Sex Dolls

If you’re still confused about whether to buy a sex doll. Here are some benefits that prove why you should definitely buy one to save your sanity.

  • Exciting Sex Life

The first and most obvious benefit of having a sex doll is exciting and appetizing sex life. Many people buy a sex doll so they can practice any position they want to their heart's content which can be unethically to do with a real partner. You can explore your sexuality and have as much sex as you want. This can make you more confident while dealing with real women.

  • Provide Both Safety and Pleasure

No matter how much we enjoy sex, we are always worried about getting STDs which cause the sex to be less pleasurable. With sex dolls, safe sex is guaranteed and she’ll be yours and only yours. You can have sex whenever you want without having to worry about getting an unwanted disease and can freely enjoy extra degrees of blissful pleasure.

  • No Unwanted Pregnancy

Fear of getting her pregnant can suck all the fun out of the sex when it should the most pleasurable and relaxing experience one can have. Even if you take all possible precautions there is no 100% guarantee that you won’t get her pregnant. Thanks to sex dolls, you can have unprotected sex with literally zero worries of becoming a daddy!

  • No Emotional Drama

There are days when all you need is just sex without any emotional drama. Sex dolls are great to have fun without building any emotional relationship with your partner. Unlike a real partner, she’ll never have a mood swing and you can enjoy sex without having to talk or engage in boring conversations. Moreover, she will listen to all your heart-to-heart conversations attentively. What else a man can dream of?

  • Enjoy Stress-Free Companionship

Building a relationship with human can be long and tiring, not to mention the extreme amount of stress and burden to meet the expectation that comes with it. When you’re with a real partner you have to be extremely watchful of every word you say or every action you take which can become really difficult to deal with. Buying a love doll will help you get rid of all that unwanted stress and pressure and you’ll always have someone up for sex waiting for you after a hectic day at work. 

How to Choose the Best Sex Doll?

If you don’t want to just throw away your money and invest it smartly, here are some tips and guidelines to help you catch the best sex doll out there and make your investment worth the while.

  • Choose A Sex Doll That Meets Your Personal Taste

Go for a love doll that excites you sees and inner emotions. A doll with the perfect figure to view and hold tightly. Breast that invites caressing and kissing. A booty that says I am just for you, come to me and let’s play. Feet and legs that builds a fire of passion within. A doll the perfect height to match you dreams. A doll that surpasses your deepest fantasies.

  • Select Lifelike Dolls with The Best Sex Organs

The whole point of owning a sex doll fails if your doll’s sexual spots are not made well. Pay special attention to the sexual spots while buying a sex doll to choose the best one to fulfill your specific needs. If your doll’s vagina is too tiny or shallow, chances are you’ll be forcing yourself in and won’t get full sexual pleasure. Choose lifelike dolls with realistic sexual parts intricately designed to depict just like those of real women to ensure maximum pleasure.

  • Consider the Price Range

Sex dolls can be crazy expensive but this is understandable considering the amount of time and effort goes into making them. You can always find a good quality sex doll at a reasonable price if you are familiar with how to choose one. Used love dolls are mostly cheap ones and if you come across extremely cheap sex dolls, chances are either it’s made with cheap materials or the seller is lying about the condition of the sex doll. It’s always best to spend a little more to have peace of mind and the ultimate in sexual gratification. 

  • Look for Quality and Durability

The most common materials and chemicals that are used to manufacture sex dolls are silicone and TPE. It is important to know which materials are used to make your sex doll to ensure they are durable as nobody wants to buy a sex doll to use it for a year or so as it’s a pretty big investment. High-end sex dolls are made of tough good quality materials and secured with a metal skeleton that makes them stable and able to be posed in many desirable sexual positions.

Where to get the Best Sex Dolls?

If you want sex dolls that will help you release stress without breaking the bank, CSDOLL have the best sex dolls available, all in one place. We have a wide of adult love dolls that let you live your fantasies and stimulate your imagination. CSDolls manufactures realistic lifelike dolls with incredibly satisfying oral, vagina, and anal capabilities, that it’s impossible to go wrong with them. Our sex dolls come in a variety of price brackets to cater to maximum customers. If you’re low on budget, don’t worry, we have a collection of real human-like sex dolls under $999 made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship you can find on the market today.

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